Challyn M. Markray (born in Los Angeles, CA in February 22, 1977) is a brownishly black former opera singer, dancer and actress. She was a child in the short documentary film "When Mom and Dad Break Up" and dancer, keyboardist, and opera singer on season 4 of Kids Incorporated in 1987, Monica on the Full House (TV show) episode "Divorce Court" (1989), and tap dancer in the 1992 telefilm called "The Boys".
Bio Challyn
In 1987, Challyn replaced Wendy Brainard (dancer and guest singer), Chad Anderson (cameo dancer) and Angella Kaye (cameo dancer) for being dancers on Kids Incorporated. Challyn was departed for going on Kids Incorporated in 1987 and replaced back? by Angella Kaye and Kimberly Duncan for going on Kids Incorporated in 1988.