Here's a list of Kids Incorporated Episodes.

Pilot (1983)Edit

Title Original Airdate Episode # Summary
"Kids Incorporated (The Beginning)"


7, 1983

0 Mickey has the hottest band in the neighborhood, and tries to audition for a permanent job of performing at the local malt shop. Gloria wants to become a part of the band, but Mickey refuses to let a girl join. Meanwhile, the Kid just moved into the neighborhood, and also wants to join the band, but is too shy. Note: The pilot was produced in September 7, 1983 and never aired. It starred Stacy FergusonMarta MarreroRenee SandsJerry Sharell, T.J. Nixon, Tino Saiki, Christopher "Chris" Miller, Daniel Howes (Uncredited), Jennifer "Jenn" Sommerhays, along with several other talented young performers. The pilot was released on home video in 1985. Rahsaan Patterson ("The Kid") had not joined the cast when the pilot was initially produced; new footage of Patterson was shot specifically for the home video release. At this point, "The P*lace" was called "The Malt Shop", and was owned by a wisecracking character named "Michael" (played by Michael Lewis). Another significant difference between what eventually became "Kids Incorporated" is that much attention was paid towards performances by non-cast members, many of whom performed a series of songs by one artist.

Songs:Be Good Johnny (Men at Work cover) Who Can it Be Now? (Men at Work cover) Land Down Under (Men at Work cover) Overkill (Men at Work cover) De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (The Police cover) Heart Attack (Olivia Newton-John cover) You're the One That I Want (Olivia Newton-John cover) Physical (Olivia Newton-John cover) Kiss on My List (Hall & Oates cover) You Make My Dreams Come True (Hall & Oates cover) Private Eyes (Hall & Oates cover) Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley cover) Hound Dog (Elvis Presley cover) Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley cover) Teddy Bear (Elvis Presley cover) Return to Sender (Elvis Presely cover) Gloria (Laura Branigan cover) Stray Cat Strut (Stray Cats cover) Rock this Town (Stray Cats cover) Mickey (Toni Basil cover) We're the Kids in America (Kim Wilde cover) He's So Shy (Pointer Sisters cover) I Want to Hold Your Hand (The Beatles cover) She Loves You (The Beatles cover) Can't Buy Me Love (The Beatles cover) Beat It (Michael Jackson cover) Rock with You (Michael Jackson cover) Off the Wall (Michael Jackson cover) Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (Michael Jackson cover) Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield cover) Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar cover) I've Done Everything for You (Rick Springfield cover) Hit Me with Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar cover) Kids Incorporated (Kids Incorporated Original/Gloria (Played by Martika) and Mickey (Played by Jerry Sharell)) Don't Talk to Stranger (Rick Springfield cover) Holding Out for a Hero (Bonnie Tyler cover).

Season 1 (1984)

The first season went on NBC in 1984. It starred Stacy Ferguson (as "Stacy"), Marta Marrero (as "Gloria"), Renee Sands (as "Renee"), and Jerry Sharell (as "Mickey"), all of whom had been in the pilot. They were joined by Rahsaan Patterson (as "The Kid"). The Malt Shop from the pilot was renamed "The P*lace", with the only visible employee shown being a soda jerkcharacter named "Riley" (Moosie Drier).




Title Original Airdate Episode # Summary
"Leader of the Pack" September 7, 1984 1 When Mickey has a power trip and the rest of the band quits, Kids Inc wonders if they should hook up with the new rich kid (played by Christian Hoff).

Songs: Jump (Van Halen cover) Heart of Rock 'N' Roll (Huey Lewis and the News cover/guest vocal by Christian Hoff) Beat It (Michael Jackson cover) Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) (Phil Collins cover) There's No Stopping Us (Ollie & Jerry cover).

"The Painter" 2 The band finds out that someone has been vandalizing the neighborhood and try to catch the 'criminal' for a $100 reward.

Songs: Dynamite (Jermaine Jackson cover) The Warrior (Scandal cover) I Can Dream About You (Dan Hartman cover) Jump (For My Love) (The Pointer Sisters cover)

"The Angels" 3 Gloria wants to join an all girl's club called The Angels.

Songs: Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen cover) You Might Think (The Cars cover) Drive (The Cars cover) I'm So Excited (The Pointer Sisters cover)

"The Bully" 4 Kid makes fun of a bully (played by Treavor Weaver) and has to run for it when the bully (played by Trevor Weaver) demands to face him.

Songs: Sunglasses at Night (Corey Hart cover) We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister cover) Holding Out for a Hero (Bonnie Tylor cover) Let's Hear It for the Boy (Deniece Williams cover)

"The Joker" 5 A practical joker comes to the P*lace and wants to be friends with Kids Inc. Jeff Cohen guest stars.

Songs: Cruel Summer (Bananarama cover) Baby, I'm a Star (Prince cover/guest vocal by Jeff Cohen) Easy to Be Hard (Three Dog Night cover) Right by Your Side (The Eurythmics cover) Bop Til' You Drop (Rick Springfield cover)

"The Basket Case" 6 Renee trades places with a run away princess (played by Katie Barberi) and learns that it's not the life she'd thought it was.

Songs: ABC (The Jackson Five cover) The Glamorous Life (Sheila E cover) The Lucky One (Laura Branigan cover/guest vocal by Katie Barberi) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper cover) All Night Long (Lionel Richie cover)

"The Ghost of the P*lace" 7 Stacy becomes friends with a ghost and helps him get into the ghost society.

Songs: Don't Fight It (Kenny Loggins cover) Go Insane (He's a Lot Like You) (Lindsey Buckingham cover) When I'm All Alone (Kids Incorporated original/Stacy Ferguson cover) Ghostbusters (Ray Parker, Jr. cover) Let's Go Crazy (Prince cover)

"New Image" 8 Mickey tries a new image for Kids Inc.

Songs: Who Wears these Shoes (Elton John cover) Luck Stars (Madonna cover) Heavy Metal Madness (Kids Incorporated original/Kids Incorporated cover) Top of the Charts (Kids Incorporated original/Jerry Sharell and Marta Marrero cover) Missing You (John Waite cover) Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Wham! cover)

"Go for the Gold" 9 Kids Inc.'s amp blows up and Stacy tries to win money through a Gymnastics contest to buy a new one. Guest appearance by U.S. Olympic gymnast Kathy Johnson.

Songs: Phyiscal (Olivia Newton John cover) Cool Places (Cool Now) (Sparks and Jane Wiedlin cover) I'll Tumble 4 Ya (Culture Club cover) Go for It (Kids Incorporated original/Stacey Ferguson cover) Maniac (Michael Sembello cover)

"Robot Bop" September 10, 1984 10 A robot is sent to take Riley's place but explodes when Kids Inc. overloads it. Richard Steven Horvitz guest stars.

Songs: The War Song (Culture Club cover) Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover) Freakazoid (Midnight Star cover/guest vocal by Richard S. Horvitz) Human Touch (Rick Springfield cover) Mr. Roboto (STYX cover).

"Space Case" September 22, 1984 11 An alien comes to study Earth for a school project and decides to take Renee back as his specimen. First of two consecutive appearances for John Franklin.

Songs: Old Time Rock n' Roll (Huey Lewis and the News cover) I Just Called to Say I Love You (Stevie Wonder cover) You Just Keep Me Hangin' On (Set Me Free) (Diana Ross and the Supremes cover) Never Can Say Good-Bye (The Jackson Five cover) Footloose (Kenny Loggins cover).

"The Leprechaun" September 23, 1984 12 A leprechaun ends up at the P*lace and wants the Kid and Stacy to teach him how to be a rock and roll star. Second of two consecutive appearances for John Franklin.

Songs: I Want You Back (The Jackson Five cover) Say It Isn't So (Hall & Oates cover) Stuck on You (Lionel Richie cover) Fame (Irene Cara cover) Last Dance (Donna Summer cover).

"X Marks The Spot" September 24, 1984 13 Gloria, Mickey, the Kid and Stacy secretly plan a treasure hunt for Renee's birthday.

Songs: Love Somebody (Rick Springfield cover) Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover) Treasure Hunt (Kids Incorporated original/Jerry SharellMarta MarreroRahsaan PattersonStacey Ferguson cover) Celebration (Kool and the Gang cover).

"Funny Money" September 25, 1984 14 Kid finds a briefcase full of counterfeit money so he returns it to the owner and then is wanted by the police.

Songs: I Don't Wanna Know (Mario Winans cover) Fun, Fun, Fun (The Beach Boys cover) Some Guys (Rod Stewart cover) Trouble (Lindsey Buckingham cover) Vacation (The Go Go's cover).

"School's For Foods" September 26, 1984 15 Exams are coming up and the Kid refuses to study or take his classes seriously and spends his time planning on being a huge star like David Hasselhoff. David Hasselhoff guest stars.

Songs: Teacher, Teacher (.38 Special cover) You're Out of Touch (Hall & Oates cover) Break My Stride (Nothing Going to Slow Me Down) (Matthew Wilder cover) Do You Love Me (The Contours cover) We Got the Beat (The Go Go's cover).

"No Jockos" September 27, 1984 16 Kids Inc. have a carnival and their clown breaks his leg so they all fill in for him.

Songs: On the Dark Side (John Cafferty cover) Magic (Olivia Newton John cover) A Million Miles Away (The Plimsouls cover) Be a Clown (Gene Kelly and Judy Garland cover) Dancing in the Street (David Bowie cover).

"Superbike" September 26, 1984 17 Renee proves that old is better by fixing up an old bike that had been thrown away and gives it to Riley.

Songs: Freedom (Wham! cover) Cool It Now (New Edition cover) It's a Miracle (Culture Club cover) The Kid's American (Matthew Wilder cover) Shake It Up (The Cars cover).

"She's So Shy" September 28, 1984 18 Kids Inc. find out their dancer Wendy has a great voice so they devise a plan to get her to sing on stage with them.

Songs: Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (Michael Jackson cover) It Ain't Enough (Corey Hart cover) She's So Shy (The Pointer Sisters cover) Dim All the Lights (Donna Summer cover) Neutron Dance (The Pointer Sisters cover).

"The Camp-Out Blues" September 29, 1984 19 Mickey, Gloria, Renee and Stacy try to get Kid to face his fears and go camping with the Boy Scouts.

Songs: Hello Again (The Cars cover) Our Lips Are Sealed (The Go Go's cover) I'm Not Frightened (Kids Incorporated original/Rahsaan Patterson cover) I'm Still Standing (Elton John cover) Freeze Frame (J. Geils Band cover).

"The Historical P*lace" October 1, 1984 20 Kids Inc. have The P*lace declared an historical building so it won't be torn down.

Songs: Goody Two Shoes (Adam Ant cover) You Make My Dreams Come True (Hall & Oates cover) We Belong (Pat Benatar cover) Good Old Days (Kids Incorporated original/Kids Incorporated cover) The Belle of St. Mark(Sheila E. cover).

"Dance Palace" October 2, 1984 21 Kids Inc. hold their first annual dance contest.

Songs: Heat Wave (Martha Reeves and The Vandellas cover) Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover) Far from Over (Frank Stallone cover)

"Her or Me" October 3, 1984 22 Renee and Stacy force the rest of the group to choose between them because of sibling rivalry. Renee and Stacy are sisters and it looks like Renee and Stacy are acting like sisters. Jerry, Gloria, and the kid stop them.

Songs: I Do (Do I Love You) (J. Geils Band cover) You Should Hear How She Talks About You (Melissa Manchester cover) Just Once (James Ingram and Quincy Jones cover) Living in Desperate Times (Olivia Newton John cover) You Can't Hurry Love (Diana Ross and the Supremes cover).

"NASA Space Week" October 5, 1984 23 It's Space Week at The P*lace and all the kids are writing to NASA wanting to be the first kid in space except Gloria who's too scared.

Songs: Twist of Fate (Olivia Newton John cover) Holiday (Madonna cover) Human Nature (Michael Jackson cover) Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Michael Jackson cover) Stand Up (Rick Springfield cover).

"Basketball Blues" 24 Renee tries to prove to the boys that girls can play basketball better than boys and gets some unintended help from the boys star player, a girl named Ronnie (played by Moya Kordick).

Songs: I've Done Everything for You (Rick Springfield cover) Head Over Heels (The Go Go's cover) I Can Do It (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands cover) Hit Me with Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar cover) Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic (The Police cover).

"Siedah Garrett" 25 Mickey and The Kid find out that their favorite singer, Siedah Garret, is coming to The P*lace to film a video. Siedah Garrett guest stars.

Songs: Why Me (Irene Cara cover) Don't Talk to Strangers (Rick Springfield cover) Do You Want It Right Now (Siedah Garrett cover) Must Be Some Misunderstanding (Genesis cover) Rock This Town (The Stray Cats cover).

"Civic Day Parade" 26 Kids Inc. want to make a float for the Civic Day Parade but they each want to do a tribute to something different. Renee proves that they have to work together in order to make the float spectacular.

Songs: Tears of a Clown (Smokey Robinson cover) You're the One That I Want (John Travolta and Olivia Newton John cover) We Can Make It Together (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands cover) Hindsight 20/20 (George Benson cover) Living in the U.S.A. (Linda Ronstadt cover).

Season 2 (1985)Edit

Like the first season, the second season was shown on syndication. All of the cast from the previous season returned, with the exception of Jerry Sharell, who decided to leave. Sharell apparently was having creative differences with the series' producers, particularly in regards to episodes' rather silly plots. Ryan Lambert (as "Ryan") was added to the cast in his place. In the series premiere, it's explained that Mickey moved away. The band searches for a new member, eventually coming across Ryan.

Due to many stations putting the series on at different times, the show received low ratings. As a result, it was cancelled on the weekend of May 25, 1986. Reruns aired on CBN (now Freeform) from 1985-1986. It was due to positive ratings from the CBN reruns that the series was given a second chance in the Summer of 1986, when The Disney Channel acquired the rights to the series (including the first two NBC seasons).




Title Original Airdate Episode # Summary
New Kid in Town 1/27 When band founder Mickey moves away, a newcomer named Ryan auditions.

Songs: Don't You (Forget About Me) (Simple Minds cover) Stir It Up (Patti LaBelle cover) Show Some Respect (Tina Turner cover) The Search Is Over (Survivor cover) Tough All Over (John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band cover).

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Kid 2/28 The Kid, unable to figure out why Ryan likes books so much, ends up in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-esque dream world in which he ends up a nerd.

Songs: Breakaway (Irma Thomas cover; based on version by Tracey Ullman) Message in a Bottle (The Police cover) Rhythm of the Night (DeBarge cover) Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover (Kids Incorporated original/Ryan Lambert cover) Celebrate Youth (Rick Springfield cover).

The Wallflower 3/29 When Guy doesn't ask Gloria to a dance, she thinks it's because he doesn't like her.

Songs: Time Is on My Side (Kai Winding cover; later covered by Irma Thomas and The Rolling Stones) Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers cover) Everytime You Go Away (Paul Young cover) That's Dancing (Fame cover) Party Train (The Gap Band cover).

I Love You Suzanne 4/30 Ryan becomes smitten with a cousin of Riley...before learning she's blind.

Songs: Premonition (Jack Wagner cover) It's the Same Old Song (Four Tops cover) Too Late for Goodbyes (Julian Lennon cover) New Attitude (Patti LaBelle cover) I Love You, Suzanne (Lou Reed cover).

The Big Lie 5/31 Renee spreads a rumor about Riley that blows up into a bigger lie.

Songs: Don't Make Me Sorry (Patti LaBelle cover) Good Lovin' (The Young Rascals cover) You're My Friend (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands cover) Dead Giveaway (Shalamar cover) Over and Over (Madonna cover).

The Boy From Togo/Stranger from a Stranger P*lace 6/32 An exchange student arrives from Togo; and the kids attempt to relate with him. Guest appearance by Chris Pierce as Mbala.

Songs: Middle of the Road (The Pretenders cover) Karma Chameleon (Culture Club cover) Would I Lie to You? (Eurythmics cover) Say It Again (Santana cover) Stay with Me Tonight (Jeffrey Osborne cover).

A Pain in the Neck 7/33 Gloria has to have her tonsils removed.

Songs: Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen cover) Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley cover) Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (Hall & Oates cover) That's What Friends Are For (Kids Incorporated original/Stacy Ferguson and Renee Sands cover) Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves cover).

The Abominable Show-Man 8/34 Brendan Roberts, a fast-talking con artist (played by Kenny McMurphy), shows up offering a chance at stardom for Gloria; which ends up going to her head.

Songs: Sussudio (Phil Collins cover) Bad, Bad Trouble (Kids Incorporated original/Martika cover) Wrapped Around Your Finger (The Police cover) Running with the Night (Lionel Richie cover) Last Train to Clarksville(The Monkees cover).

One Glass Slipper 9/35 Feeling left out because she's the youngest member of the band, Stacy has a Cinderella-inspired dream sequence in which she becomes "Stacyrella".

Songs: Souls (Bruce Springsteen cover) Come See About Me (The Supremes cover) Material Girl (Madonna cover) The Greatest Love of All (George Benson cover; later popularized by Whitney Houston) Change (John Waite cover).

The Masked Mauler 10/36 The Kid goes up against a wrestler nicknamed "The Masked Mauler" (played by Eric Mitchell).

Songs: Angel (Madonna cover) Call Me (Go West cover) The Heat Is On (Glenn Frey cover) How Did I Wind Up Here (Kids Incorporated original/Rahsaan Patterson cover) Music for the Modern World (Kids Incorporated original/Martika cover).

Peer Pressure 11/37 Stacy, seeking to not be seen as just a little kid, is pressured to smoke cigarettes when the singer of an opening act (played by Trevor Weaver in his second appearance; having previously played the antagonist in the 1984 episode "The Bully") offers a pack.

Songs: I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man) (Kenny Loggins cover) Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen cover) Peer Pressure (New Edition cover) Things Can Only Get Better (Howard Jones cover) I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) (Four Tops cover).

Student Government Day 12/38 The kids fill positions for Student Government Day; and the power goes to the Kid's head.

Songs: Fresh (Kool & the Gang cover) Just Got Lucky (JoBoxers cover) Every Breath You Take (The Police cover) Some Like It Hot (Power Station cover) Come the Night (Kids Incorporated original/Ryan Lambert cover).

Riley's Rival 13/39 When an old friend (played by Rad Daly) of Riley's comes to visit; Riley pretends to be the owner instead of simply a soda jerk.

Songs: Masquerade (Berlin cover) My Guy (Mary Wells cover) No Looking Back (Michael McDonald cover) Never Surrender (Corey Hart cover) Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac cover).

No Rhyme or Reason 14/40 The Kid and Stacy's mockery of Renee's entry in a poetry contest backfires when she wins a gourmet lunch.

Songs: Freeway of Love (Aretha Franklin cover) One Fine Day (The Chiffons cover) My Special Friend (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands cover) It's My Party (Lesley Gore cover) Uptown Girl (Billy Joel cover).

Phantom of the P*lace 15/41 A mysterious series of noises causes the kids to think a phantom is in the P*lace. Kenny McMurphy returns as Brendan Roberts.

Songs: He Could Be the One (Josie Cotton cover) NeverEnding Story (Limahl cover) Somebody's Watching Me (Rockwell with Michael Jackson cover) Things That Go Bump in the Night (Kids Incorporated original/ MartikaRyan LambertRahsaan PattersonRenee Sands and Stacy Ferguson cover) The Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Cyndi Lauper cover).

Grandma, Won't You Dance with Me 16/42 Ryan is embarrassed when his grandmother Ruth visits. Gwen Verdon guest stars.

Songs: St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) (John Parr cover) Rockin' Robin (Bobby Day cover) Forever (Kenny Loggins cover) It's Only Love (Steve Perry cover) Someday, Someway (Marshall Crenshaw cover).

Identical Problems 17/43 Following a series of mishaps, Renee learns she needs glasses. Songs:

Dangerous (Natalie Cole cover) The Loco-Motion (Little Eva cover) Unlucky Me (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands cover) You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Dead or Alive cover) Into the Groove (Madonna cover).

Rock of Ages 18/44 Riley's time machine takes the kids back to see music from the past.

Songs: Only You Know and I Know (Phil Collins cover) Let's Twist Again (Chubby Checker cover) Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins cover; though popularized by Elvis Presley) Time Warp (The Rocky Horror Show cover) Time Machine (In Every Heart) (Barbra Streisand cover).

The Great Comeback 19/45 The kids meet a once-famous trombone player who is now homeless, and help her reunite with her long-lost daughter. Ruth Buzzi makes her first guest appearance.

Songs: Don't Lose My Number (Phil Collins cover) My Girl (The Temptations cover) Miracles (Stacy Lattisaw cover) You Can't Get What You Want ('Til You Know What You Want) (Joe Jackson cover) People are People (Depeche Mode cover).

Classical Case 20/46 Stacy and Renee's British cousin Samantha (Renee Sands in a dual role) appears; and they end up clashing over music styles.

Songs: Tell Her About It (Billy Joel cover) Glory Days (Bruce Springsteen cover) Agree to Disagree (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands cover) One Man Symphony (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands cover) Still Rock and Roll to Me (Billy Joel cover).

Ryan, Ryan P.I. 21/47 Ryan imagines he is a detective in a 1940s-style film noir.

Songs: Back in My Arms Again (The Supremes cover) Wouldn't It Be Good (Nik Kershaw cover) Dare Me (The Pointer Sisters cover) Careless Whisper (Wham! featuring George Michael cover) Dance to the Music (Sly and the Family Stone cover).

A Lad and His Lamp 22/48 Kid comes into possession of a magic lamp. Shabba Doo guest stars as the genie.

Songs: Trapped (Jimmy Cliff cover; also covered by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band) Magic (Olivia Newton-John cover; longer version with 2 verses sung) Leave a Tender Moment Alone (Billy Joel cover) Bit by Bit (Stephanie Mills cover) We've Got Chemistry (Kids Incorporated original/Martika and Rahsaan Patterson cover).

Material Girl 23/49 Gloria develops a problem with greed.

Songs: Money (That's What I Want) (Barrett Strong cover) Gambler (Madonna cover) I'm Comin' Out (Diana Ross cover) Possession Obsession (Hall & Oates cover) No More Words (Berlin cover).

Runaway Stacy 24/50 Stacy tries to run away from home because her parents won't let her have a pet rabbit (due to her father being allergic).

Songs: All Tied Up (Melissa Manchester cover) Games People Play (The Alan Parsons Project cover) Honesty (Billy Joel cover) Nowhere to Run (Martha Reeves and the Vandellas cover) I Believe in Me (Kids Incorporated original/Stacy Ferguson cover).

Sock Hop 25/51 The kids hold a sock hop at the P*lace. All the songs sung here were performed in previous episodes except "They Don't Know (About Love)".

Songs: Old Time Rock and Roll (Bob Seger cover) Back in the U.S.A. (Chuck Berry cover) Rockin' Robin (Bobby Day cover) They Don't Know (Kirsty MacColl cover; also recorded by Tracey Ullman) Dancing in the Street (Martha and the Vandellas cover) Still Rock and Roll to Me (Billy Joel cover)

Decade of Hits 26/52 Another concert episode features the kids singing various hit songs over the previous decade. Much like the previous episode, all but two songs were performed before, as well as the only time on an actual episode (outside of the pilot) that the Kids Incorporated theme is performed in the show. Also the final episode to premiere in syndication, as the show was originally cancelled before being picked up by the Disney Channel in 1986.

Songs: (Love Is Like a) Heat Wave (Martha and the Vandellas cover) The Greatest Love of All (George Benson cover) You're the One That I Want (Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta cover) Let's Go (The Cars cover) Magic (The Cars cover) Celebration (Kool and the Gang cover) Gloria (Umberto Tuzzi cover; popularized by Laura Branigan) Maniac (Michael Sembello cover) Beat It (Michael Jackson cover) Dress You Up (Madonna cover) Kids Incorporated theme (Kids Incorporated original/Martika cover)

Season 3 (1986)

The third season premiered on The Disney Channel on November 3, 1986. All of the cast from the previous season returned.




Title Original Airdate Episode # Summary
"O Lucky Me" 1/53 Stacy finds a ring she thinks is bringing her good luck, causing her to panic when she loses it.

Songs: Heart of Rock 'N' Roll (Huey Lewis and the News cover) Band of Gold (Freda Payne cover; also recorded by Belinda Carlisle) Round and Round (Kids Incorporated original/Stacy Ferguson cover) Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins cover) There's No Stopping Us (Ollie & Jerry cover).

"All in a Night's Work" 2/54 Riley's abrupt exit confuses the kids; who decide to investigate; ultimately learning he was attending night school to obtain his GED.

Songs: Sidewalk Talk (John "Jellybean" Benitez cover) Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley and His Comets cover)) It's a Mystery (Kids Incorporated original/Martika cover) Secret (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark cover) No Looking Back (Michael McDonald cover)

"Crush on You" 3/55 Renee struggles to tell a guy (played by Curt Cornelius) she likes him.

Songs: Give Me a Shot (Kids Incorporated original/Martika cover) Crush on You (The Jets cover) There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry) (Billy Ocean cover) How Will I Know (Whitney Houston cover) You Can't Hurry Love (The Supremes cover)

"Help Wanted (Help!)" 4/56 Gloria, short on cash due to a cut in her allowance, decides to apply for a job at the P*lace.

Songs: The Heat Is On (Glenn Frey cover) Nothin' At All (Heart cover) If She Knew What She Wants (Jules Shear cover; later popularized by The Bangles) She Works Hard for the Money (Donna Summer cover) Another Night (Aretha Franklin cover)

"World Traveler" 5/57 A self-styled "world traveler" thrills the kids with his wild tales...until it's revealed he's really a runaway. Robert Jayne (credited as Bobby Jacoby) guest stars.

Songs: You Belong to the City (Glenn Frey cover) I Like the Weekends (Kids Incorporated original/Kids Incorporated cover) Who's Johnny (El DeBarge cover) Never (Heart cover) If You Leave (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark cover)

"Riley Gets Stung" 6/58 Riley, hoping to have success as an inventor, instead gets sucked in by a con man.

Songs: Who's Zooming Who (Aretha Franklin cover) Singing Machine (Kids Incorporated original/Martika and Rahsaan Patterson cover) That's What Friends Are For (Rod Stewart cover; later popularized by Dionne Warwick and Friends) We Built This City (Starship cover) Restless (Starpoint cover) Note: The song Singing Machine is named after The Singing Machine Company; a karaoke equipment company that was a longtime sponsor of Kids Incorporated.

"All's Well That Ends Well" 7/59 Renee and Stacy's cousin Samanatha returns; this time setting her sights on teaching the kids various plays from William ShakespeareRenee Sandsplays Samanatha in a dual role.

Songs: (Coming To) America (Neil Diamond cover) Tonight She Comes (The Cars cover) On My Own (Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald cover) All's Well That Ends Well (Kids Incorporated original/Ryan Lambert and Renee Sands cover) Living in America (James Brown cover) Note: Renee Sands provides vocals for both Renee and Samanatha in the "On My Own" cover.

"Boy Wonder" 8/60 The Kid's ego runs away with him; causing him to tell the others they'd make great backup singers.

Songs: King for a Day (Thompson Twins cover) Don't Fight It (Kenny Loggins cover) A Genius (Kids Incorporated original/MartikaRenee Sands and Stacy Ferguson cover) In My Own Way (Kids Incorporated original/Rahsaan Patterson cover) Hindsight 20/20 (George Benson cover)

"The Gift" 9/61 Renee and Stacy try to find the perfect birthday present for each other.

Songs: And We Danced (The Hooters cover) Mad About You (Belinda Carlisle cover) You're a Friend of Mine (Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne cover) If I Could (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands and Stacy Ferguson cover) Stir It Up (Patti LaBelle cover)

"Rockin' Saddles" 10/62 Brendan Roberts is back, this time offering to sell the Kid answers to an upcoming test. Kenny McMurphy makes his third and final appearance.

Songs: R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. (John Cougar Mellencamp cover) I'll Show Them (Kids Incorporated original/Rahsaan Patterson and Stacy Ferguson cover) Don't Make Me Sorry (Patti LaBelle cover) No One is to Blame (Howard Jones cover) Goodbye to You (Scandal cover).

"Peter Pam" 11/63 Stacy, upset about no longer being the baby now that her mother is pregnant, daydreams she is Peter Pam "...with an M".

Songs: Neutron Dance (The Pointer Sisters cover) Move Away (Culture Club cover) Yo Ho Ho (Kids Incorporated original/Moosie Drier cover) Take Me Home (Phil Collins cover) Back in Time (Huey Lewis and the News cover)

"With a Twinkle in His Eye" 12/64 The kids, bickering among themselves following a blown amplifier, meet a mysterious man known only as Mr. Angel. Barney Martin guest stars.

Songs: What Have You Done for Me Lately (Janet Jackson cover) Manic Monday (The Bangles cover) Reach Out for That Star (Kids Incorporated original/Barney Martin cover) When the Going Gets Tough (The Tough Get Going) (Billy Ocean cover) (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (Elvis Costello cover)

"Stacy and the Clown" 13/65-A The kids hold a special clown contest after Stacy (discouraged over previous attempts to win contests that had previously failed) meets a handicapped clown (played by motivational speaker Henry Holden).

Songs: Conga (Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine cover) Rock This Town (Stray Cats cover) Say You, Say Me (Lionel Richie cover) Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves cover) Celebrating You (Kids Incorporated original/Rahsaan Patterson and Martika cover)

"Rock in the New Year" December 31, 1986 13/65-B (Movie/Special) The kids are forced to make last-minute changes for their New Year's celebration after Riley's latest invention blows up and sends ice cream throughout the P*lace. This episode is also a clip show; as most of the songs are clips from episodes during the previous two seasons.

Songs: Wild Wild Life (Talking Heads cover) Wanna Be Startin' Something (Michael Jackson cover) Show Some Respect (Tina Turner cover) Tough All Over (John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band cover) It's My Party (Lesley Gore cover) I'm Comin' Out (Diana Ross cover) Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (Hall & Oates cover) That's What Friends are For (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands and Stacy Ferguson cover) Miracles (Stacy Lattisaw cover) You Can't Get What You Want ('Til You Know What You Want) (Joe Jackson cover) That's What Friends Are For (Rod Stewart cover; later popularized by Dionne Warwick and Friends) Step by Step (Kids Incorporated original/Martika and Ryan Lambert cover) Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Wang Chung cover) Dancing on the Ceiling (Lionel Richie cover) Auld Lang Syne/Tomorrow Morning (A Brand New World) (Medley) (Robert Burns cover/Kids Incorporated original/MartikaRahsaan PattersonRyan LambertStacy Ferguson and Renee Sands cover).

Season 4 (1987)

The fourth season brought more changes to the cast. Marta Marrero was not brought back for this season, most likely because she had outgrown her role. Two new cast members were added, instead of just one. They were Connie Lew (as "Connie"), and drummer Richard Shoff (as "Richie"). The season premiere found KI auditioning replacements for Gloria, who went to a music school. Connie and Richie were eventually added to the group. In the season finale, "What's in a Name", the Kid's real name ("Rahsaan") was finally revealed.



  • Dee Caspary
  • Nicole Cropper
  • Challyn Markray
  • Brian Poth
  • Gina Marie Vinaccia
  • Angella Kaye (Cameo Dancer)
  • Jeffery "Jeff" Eckert (Choo Choo the Gorilla) (Guest on The Boy Who Cried Gorilla)
Title Original Airdate Episode # Summary
"A Kid's Line" 1/66 The kids scramble to find a replacement for Gloria following her acceptance at a distant music school.

Songs: Rhyme and Reason (Gregory Abbott cover) Bit by Bit (Stephanie Mills cover) Wrong for the Part (Kids Incorporated original/Ryan LambertRahsaan PattersonRenee Sands and Stacy Ferguson cover) True Blue (Madonna cover) I Will Be There (Glass Tiger cover).

"Modern Music" 2/67 Riley's latest invention; a Max Headroom-like synthesizer, goes amok and nearly ruins things for the kids. Michael Cruz (original music director for the series) provides the voice of "SAM"; while Moosie Drier plays the character in addition to his main role as Riley.

Songs: Music for the Modern World (Kids Incorporated original/Stacy Ferguson and Rahsaan Patterson cover) Jump Start (My Heart) (Natalie Cole cover) I Am the Beat (Kids Incorporated original/Michael Cruz cover) Shakedown (Bob Seger cover) Mind Over Matter (E.G. Daily cover)

"Video Madness" 3/68 Richie tries to produce a video project for his class, but his efforts are nearly ruined by the others' bickering.

Songs: Let's Go (Wang Chung cover) Time for a Change (Kids Incorporated original/Rahsaan Patterson cover) Some Guys Have All the Luck (The Persuaders cover; also popularized by Rod Stewart) It's Not Over ('Til It's Over) (Starship cover) Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Starship cover)

"Front Page News" 4/69 Renee and Ryan compete for the open position of editor of the school newspaper.

Songs: Point of No Return (Expose cover) We Got the Beat (The Go-Go's cover) Who, What, When, Where, and Why (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands and Ryan Lambert cover) I Know (Kids Incorporated original/Renee Sands and Ryan Lambert cover) Livin' on a Prayer (Bon Jovi cover)

"Trouble's Cooking" 5/70 Kid and Stacy enter a dispute over who should get the $100 prize for purchasing what turns out to be the 1,000th chocolate malted sold at the P*lace.

Songs: Flames of Paradise (Elton John and Jennifer Rush cover) You Keep Me Hangin' On (Set Me Free) (Diana Ross and The Supremes cover; also recorded by Kim Wilde) Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House cover) Two Sides to Every Story (Kids Incorporated original/Rahsaan Patterson and Stacy Ferguson cover) Love Will Save the Day (Whitney Houston cover)

"The Boy Who Cried Gorilla" 6/71 Richie's penchant for exaggeration causes the others not to believe him when he actually sees a gorilla. Jeff Eckert guest stars as "Choo Choo".

Songs: I Heard a Rumour (Bananarama cover) Would I Lie to You? (Eurythmics cover) In Too Deep (Genesis cover) Rhythm is Gonna Get You (Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine cover) Twistin' the Night Away (Sam Cooke cover; also recorded by Rod Stewart)

"You've Got the Wrong Date" 7/72 Stacy's attempt to ask a guy Renee likes to take Renee out to their school's Sadie Hawkins Day dance ends up with the guy thinking Stacy wants to go with him. Ryan Bollman guest stars as Jason.

Songs: Cross My Broken Heart (The Jets cover) In That Dream (Fame cover) Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover) I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Whitney Houston cover) Right on Track (Breakfast Club cover)

"Russian 101" 8/73 Ryan develops a crush on a Russian ballet dancer (played by Iris Julius).

Songs: I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (Aretha Franklin and George Michael cover) Come Go with Me (Expose cover) I Can Dream About You (Dan Hartman cover) That's America (Kids Incorporated original/Ryan Lambert cover) One for the Mockingbird (Cutting Crew cover)

"When Movies Were Movies" 9/74 With an afternoon off; the kids attempt to pick a movie to go to.

Songs: Come As You Are (Peter Wolf cover) I'm Still Standing (Elton John cover) Forever (Like Heroes and Fools) (Kids Incorporated original/Ryan Lambert cover) When Movies Were Movies (Kids Incorporated original/Kids Incorporated cover) The Finer Things (Steve Winwood cover) Note: This was one of a handful of episodes listing "a cast of thousands". This was used for special, more over the top episodes that often featured cameo appearances by the families of the production staff (ex.: Thomas Lynch. These aired from 1986-89.

"Now Appearing" 10/75 The kids are interested in catching a show featuring a comedian named Billy Blaster; who turns out to be the Kid's estranged brother. Earth, Wind & Fire'sPhilip Bailey guest stars.

Songs: Open Your Heart (Madonna cover) Back in My Arms Again (The Supremes cover) True Colors (Cyndi Lauper cover) Life Is a Contact Sport (Whitney Houston cover; originally titled Love is a Contact Sport) Never Say Never (Deniece Williams cover)

"Win a Date with Renee" 11/76 Richie comes up with his next get-rick-quick scheme in raffling a date...with Renee. Brian Robbins guest stars.

Songs: Who's That Girl (Madonna cover) One Fine Day (The Chiffons cover) If I Say Yes (Five Star cover) I'm Only Human (Kids Incorporated original/Richard Shoff cover) Only in My Dreams (Debbie Gibson cover)

"Connie in Wonderland" 12/77 Connie gets on a healthy food kick and when none of the others show interest; imagines herself in the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Songs: Where's the Party (Madonna cover) I'll Tumble 4 Ya (Culture Club cover) Twinkle, Twinkle (Kids Incorporated original/Connie Lew cover) Dominoes (Robbie Nevil cover) Never Enough (Patty Smyth cover)

"What's In a Name" 13/78 A new flavor of ice cream on the P*lace menu is set to be named after a band member; when the kids realize that they are unaware of the Kid's real name. This is the episode where the Kid's name is revealed as Rahsaan (most of the characters shared their names with the actors).

Songs: The Kid's American (Matthew Wilder cover) Walk Like an Egyptian (The Bangles cover) Wot's It to Ya (Robbie Nevil cover) Shine Sweet Freedom (Michael McDonald cover) Something So Strong (Crowded House cover)

Season 5 (1988)Edit

All of the cast from the previous season returned for Season 5, with the exception of original members Rahsaan Patterson and Renee SandsStacey Ferguson was the only remaining original member. Added to the cast this season were Kenny Ford (as "Kenny") and Devyn Puett (as "Devyn"). In the season premiere, it's explained that Renee left to stay with a cousin for a year in Europe, while the Kid got involved in a student exchange. KI eventually found Kenny and Devyn, and brought them in as replacements.



  • Dee Caspary
  • Nicole Cropper
  • Kimberly Duncan
  • Brian Poth
  • Gina Marie Vinaccia
  • Angella Kaye (Cameo Dancer)
  • Kevin Thompson (An Alien) (Guest on Constellation Connie)
Title Original Airdate Episode # Summary
"The Pick-Ups" 1/79 With the departure of Renee and the Kid; Kids Incorporated searches for one new member, then end up with two.

Songs: So Emotional (Whitney Houston cover) Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (Billy Ocean cover) There's No Stopping Me (Kids Incorporated original/Kenny Ford cover) Here to Stay (Keep Holdin' On) (Sister Sledge cover) Who Found Who (John "Jellybean" Benitez and Elisa Fiorillo cover)

"Kid's Court" 2/80 A dispute between Connie and Devyn over who wrote a particular song threatens to destroy their friendship.

Songs: Stop! In the Name of Love (The Supremes cover) Faith (George Michael cover) Who Wrote the Song (Kids Incorporated original/Stacy FergusonDevyn Puett and Connie Lew cover) Seasons Change (Expose cover) It's the Same Old Song (Four Tops cover)

"The Kid's New Clothes" 3/81 The kids learn that a fashion designer (played by Anthony Thompkins) has an idea for new customes for the band; only to be less than enthused by the finished product.

Songs: Out of the Blue (Debbie Gibson cover) Pink Cadillac (Bruce Springsteen cover) One of a Kind (Kids Incorporated original/Devyn Puett cover) Bad (Michael Jackson cover) Seven Wonders (Fleetwood Mac cover)

"The Talent Search" 4/82 The kids attempt to audition for a role in a movie.

Songs: La Bamba (Ritchie Valens cover; also recorded by Los Lobos) Expressway to My Heart (The Soul Survivors cover) In My Dreams (REO Speedwagon cover) I Can Be What You Want Me to Be (Kids Incorporated original/Kids Incorporated cover) Mony, Mony (Tommy James and the Shondells cover; also recorded by Billy Idol)

"You Don't Say" 5/83 Ryan lands in hot water with the school principal following a bad review of the cafeteria food.

Songs: Here I Go Again (Whitesnake cover) Pop Goes the World (Men Without Hats cover) Got to Be True to Myself (Kids Incorporated original/Ryan Lambert cover) Think (Aretha Franklin cover) A Little Understanding (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

"Kahuna Kids" 6/84 When the air conditioning quits in the P*lace; the kids relax by traveling to The Shell Shack, a beach shop run by a cousin of Riley's; only to learn it's set to be torn down for a garbage disposal plant. Moosie Drier (who played Riley) directs this episode; while Tony O'Dell plays Barney.

Songs: (Love Is Like a) Heat Wave (Martha and the Vandellas cover) Fun, Fun, Fun (The Beach Boys cover) Summer Days (Kids Incorporated original/Devyn PuettStacy Ferguson and Kenny Ford cover) Circle in the Sand (Belinda Carlisle cover) Surfin' U.S.A. (The Beach Boys cover) Note: This is one of the special episodes that includes cameo appearances by executive producer Thomas W. Lynch and various relatives of staff members.

Note: Before the performance of Surfin' U.S.A.; there is a brief interlude of "Wipe Out"; an instrumental track by The Surfaris. This makes the only time an instrumental song is performed on Kids Incorporated.

"Richie for President" 7/85 Richie enters a tough battle for class president. Guest appearances by Audra Lee; Rikke Rask and Tasia Marie Scolinos guest star.

Songs: Who Will You Run To (Heart cover) Say You Will (Foreigner cover) I've Got My Mind Set on You (James Ray cover; popularized by George Harrison) Stick to It (Kids Incorporated original/Devyn Puett cover) Stand by Me (Ben E. King cover)

"The Guitarist" 8/86 When the guitarist is out of town; the kids audition a replacement guitar player; who they learn later is disabled. Glen A. Fagin guest stars as Tommy.

Songs: Help (The Beatles cover) I Think We're Alone Now (Tommy James and the Shondells cover; also recorded by Tiffany) Love Will Save the Day (Whitney Houston cover) With or Without You (U2 cover) Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson cover)

"When the Clock Strikes Twelve" 9/87 Ryan makes the baseball team, but his good news is quickly overshadowed by Big Eddie threatening to settle a score with Ryan for beating him out for the baseball team. Gino de Mauro guest stars.

Songs: Shake Your Love (Debbie Gibson cover) Catch Me, I'm Falling (Pretty Poison cover) I Need Help (Kids Incorporated original/Ryan Lambert cover) We Can Work It Out (The Beatles cover) I Saw Him Standing There (Tiffany cover; itself a cover of The Beatles' "I Saw Her Standing There")

"The Frog Prince" 10/88 Stacy is hesitant to invite a nerdy guy to her birthday; but changes her mind after daydreaming her way into an adaptation of the Frog Prince fairy tale.Jason Hervey guest stars as Ethan.

Songs: Lost in Emotion (Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam cover) How Can I Forget You (Elisa Fiorillo cover) I Get Weak (Belinda Carlisle cover) You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover (Kids Incorporated original/Jason Hervey cover) Prove Your Love (Taylor Dayne cover) Note: "You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover" is possibly a remake of the Kids Incorporated original "Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover" from the 1985 season.

"The Open Book" 11/89 The kids see a paper Stacy was writing (which was for her English class) and think she is threatening to run away.

Songs: Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley cover) Paperback Writer (The Beatles cover) Time for a Friend (Kids Incorporated original/Devyn Puett cover) Strange But True (Times Two cover) Cherry Bomb (John Cougar Mellencamp cover).

"Richie in Love" 12/90 Richie develops a crush on Riley's cousin (played by Lihann Jones)...who is in college. Lihann Jones (Riley's cousin) guest stars.

Songs: Tell It to My Heart (Taylor Dayne cover) Heartache (Pepsi & Shirlie cover) Is This Love (Whitesnake cover) Flames of Paradise (Jennifer Rush and Elton John cover) Someday We'll Be Together (Johnny & Jackey {Beavers} cover; also recorded by Diana Ross & The Supremes)

"Constellation Connie" 13/91 Connie attempts to invent a time machine; but instead drags an alien (played by Kevin Thompson) to Earth instead. Kevin Thompson (an alien) guest stars.

Songs: Crocodile Rock (Elton John cover) Music for the Modern World (Kids Incorporated original/Kenny Ford cover) Try the Best You Can (Kids Incorporated original/Connie Lew cover) Another Part of Me (Michael Jackson cover) Heaven is a Place on Earth (Belinda Carlisle cover)

Season 6 (1989–1990)Edit

All of the cast from the previous season returned, with the exception of Ryan Lambert and Connie Lew. Added to the cast was Love Hewitt (as "Robin"). Unlike previous seasons, the departure of former members and the addition of new ones was no longer explained. In addition, "Riley" (Moosie Drier) had also left the series. The season six premiere focued on "The P*lace" nearly being closed down, until it was taken over by a new manager, "Flip" (Sean O'Riordan).




Title Original Airdate Episode # Summary
"Sweet Dreams" December 31, 1989 1/92 Ryan and Connie are gone. Robin has replaced Ryan and Connie in the band. Riley has gone off to college and The P*lace is put up for sale. The kids begin worrying about the hangout's future.

Songs: Edge of a Broken Heart (Vixen cover) Love Me Do (The Beatles cover) Dreamin' (Guinn cover; popularized by Vanessa Williams) Don't Take Away My Past (Kids Incorporated original/Kenny Ford;; Stacy FergusonLove Hewitt and Richard Shoff cover) (Music is) The Doctor (The Doobie Brothers cover)

"The Storybook House" January 7, 1990 2/93 Little Red Riding Hood shows up at the P*lace, and the kids help her find her way home. Ruth Buzzi makes her second appearance (having appeared in 1985's "The Great Comeback" episode); with Shonda Whipple making a guest appearance as "Red".

Songs: Two Hearts (Phil Collins cover) Walk on Water (Eddie Money cover) Someone WHo Believes in You (Air Supply cover) You're Not King Kong (Kids Incorporated original/Kenny Ford; Love Hewitt; Richard Shoff and Devyn Puett cover) Dancing with Myself (Billy Idol cover)

"The Hero" January 14, 1990 3/94 Devyn gets a fan club of her own; and develops a massive ego as a result

Songs: New Sensation (INXS cover) I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits cover) She's a Star (Kids Incorporated original/Devyn Puett cover) Wind Beneath My Wings (Roger Whittaker cover; popularized by Bette Midler) Indestructible (Four Tops cover)

"Career Jeers" January 21, 1990 4/95 The kids begin fretting over career aptitude test.

Songs: Cross My Heart (Wonder Eighth Wonder cover; also recorded by Spencer Tracie Spencer and Martika) Don't Rush Me (Taylor Dayne cover) One Moment in Time (Whitney Houston cover) Somebody Tell Me Why (Kids Incorporated original/Devyn PuettStacy Ferguson and Kenny Ford cover) All Fired Up (Sabres Rattling Sabres cover; also recorded by Pat Benatar)

Note: This marks the first song of former cast member Martika to be covered on the show.

"Never Too Old" January 28, 1990 5/96 Stacy's grandfather has to move into a retirement home.

Songs: I Only Want to Be with You (Dusty Springfield cover) From Me to You (The Beatles cover) We're Old (Kids Incorporated original/Kids Incorporated cover) All This Time (Tiffany cover) More Than You Know (Martika cover)

"Pollution Problems" February 4, 1990 6/97 This is the episode where Amaris "Ingrid" Dupree (who appeared on Moonwalker (1988) and Kidsongs to be a Kidsongs kid (Kidsongs kid member) and dancer in 1986-1987 and 1989) appeared to be a reporter. The kids rally to protest water pollution.

Songs: Iko Iko (The Dixie Cups cover) The Loco-Motion (Little Eva cover; also recorded by Kylie Minogue) All You Need is Love (The Beatles cover) Hand in Hand (Koreana cover) The Way You Do The Things You Do (The Temptations cover)

"Roughing It" February 11, 1990 7/98 The kids go on a camping trip; and run across a young man who happened to be homeless. Guest appearance by Andrew Held

Songs: Satisfied (Richard Marx cover) Room to Move (Climie Fisher cover; also recorded by Animotion) The Sun Rises (Kids Incorporated original/Kenny Ford; Stacy Ferguson; Richard Shoff and Devyn Puett cover) You've Got a Friend (Carole King cover; also recorded by James Taylor) Through the Storm (Aretha Franklin and Elton John cover)

"The Cover-Up" February 18, 1990 8/99 In this very special episode; the kids befriend a kid who is dealing with physical abuse. Chance Michael Corbitt (credited as Chance Corbitt) guest stars as a bully?.

Songs: Saying Sorry Don't Make It Right (Denise Lopez cover) Don't Tell Me Lies (Breathe cover) The Rap (a.k.a. Yourself) (Kids Incorporated original/Kenny Ford; Devyn PuettStacy Ferguson and Richard Shoff cover) Lean on Me (Bill Withers cover) The Living Years (Mike + The Mechanics cover) Note: The end of the episode's original airing included a slide with a toll-free number for Childhelp USA; a non-profit associated with helping children dealing with child abuse and neglect.

"Play It Again, Kids Inc." February 25, 1990 9/100 The kids are excited to go to the Debbie Gibson concert in town; until Flip loses the tickets

Songs: Your Mama Don't Dance (Loggins and Messina cover; also recorded by Poison) All Geared Up (Kids Incorporated original/Stacy Ferguson cover) As Time Goes By (Dooley Wilson cover) Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson cover) Takin' Care of Business (Bachman-Turner Overdrive cover)

"Magic Toy Shoppe" March 4, 1990 10/101 The kids learn of a toy drive to help a local orphanage; while Robin imagines herself in the story of a princess and a toy soldier.

Songs: True Love is Hard to Find (Kids Incorporated original/Stacy Ferguson cover) Symptoms of True Love (Tracie Spencer cover) I Still Believe (Brenda K. Starr cover) Soldier of Love (Donny Osmond cover) Waiting for a Star to Fall (Boy Meets Girl cover)Note: This was the final "cast of thousands" special episode to be produced.

"Clique, Clique" March 11, 1990 11/102

Richie feels pressure to join a gang in order to hang with some "cool guys". Guest appearances by Michael Rich, John Chaidez and boxerRay Mancini.

(Songs: Walk the Dinosaur (Was (Not Was) cover) Dial My Heart (The Boys cover) How Do You Help a Friend (Kids Incorporated original/Devyn Puett cover) What You Don't Know (Expose cover) Don't Look Back (Kids Incorporated original/Richard Shoff cover)

"Further Adventures of Cosmoboy" March 18, 1990 12/103 Kenny pretends to be a superhero named "Cosmoboy".

Songs: Knocked Out (Paula Abdul cover) Hit the Road, Jack (Ray Charles cover) Be Who You Are (Kids Incorporated original/Devyn Puett cover) My Prerogative (Bobby Brown cover) Stand Back (Stevie Nicks cover)

"Stop the Presses" March 25, 1990 13/104 Kenny exaggerates on other's stories to sell more papers.

Songs: Do You Believe in Magic (The Lovin' Spoonful cover) Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley cover) Leave Me Alone (Michael Jackson cover) I Know I Can Turn It All Around (Kids Incorporated original/Kenny Ford cover) Forever Your Girl (Paula Abdul cover)

"Elementary My Dear Kids" April 1, 1990 14/105 A bracelet goes missing, and the kids search for it.

Songs: Straight Up (Paula Abdul cover) Can't Buy Me Love (The Beatles cover) Trust is What Friendship is All About (Kids Incorporated original/Kenny Ford cover) Workin' Overtime (Diana Ross cover) Put a Little Love in Your Heart (Jackie DeShannon cover)

"Karate Kids" April 8, 1990 15/106 When Robin faces trouble with a bully, she enlists in a karate class. Billy Blanks guest stars.

Songs: This Time I Know It's for Real (Donna Summer cover) Hold On (Kids Incorporated original/Devyn Puett cover) Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush cover) Living Right (Glenn Frey cover) Every Little Step (Bobby Brown cover)

Season 7 (1991)Edit

Stacy Ferguson, Devyn Puett, and Richard Shoff did not return for the 90s revival of "Kids Incorporated". This was because Stacy and Richard were too old for the show. Devyn had already moved onto other projects. However, Kenny Ford, Love Hewitt, and Sean O'Riordan all returned. New additions to the cast this season were Eric Balfour (as "Eric"), Anastasia Horne (as "Ana"), and Haylie Johnson (as "Haylie").



  • Charon Aldredge
  • Brian Friedman
  • Jennifer King
  • Danielle Marcus-Janssen
  • Tony Perrin
  • Angella Kaye (Cameo Dancer)


  • A Hard Dates Night
  • A P*lace Alone
  • Thirteensomething
  • Pip Dreams
  • Teen Show
  • History in the Making
  • Family Matters
  • New Twist
  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
  • Flip Out
  • Music Lessons
  • While the Cat's Away
  • Tall Order
  • Our Fair Anna
  • Five Kids & a Dog
  • Mummy Dearest
  • Double Trouble
  • Earth Day
  • Shyness
  • The Spy Kit

Season 8 (1992)Edit

Most of the cast from the previous season returned, with the exception of Love Hewitt and Eric Balfour. Added to the cast were Jared Delgin (as "Jared") and Nicole Brown (as "Nicole").



  • Charon Aldredge
  • Brian Friedman
  • Jennifer King
  • Danielle Marcus-Janssen
  • Tony Perrin
  • Angella Kaye (Cameo Dancer)
  • Leslie Grossman (Lauren (Cameo Kid))


  • Jennifer Hamilton (On Your Toes)
  • Wendy Brainard (On Your Toes)


  • President
  • The Show
  • Lay Off
  • We Love Granny
  • Kenny's Sister
  • Mystery, She Wrote
  • Joke's on Us
  • Fashion Forward
  • The Commercial
  • Party Out
  • Old Friends
  • On Your Toes
  • Boy of La Mancha

Season 9 (1993–1994)Edit

Kenny Ford, Sean O'Riordan, and Jared Delgin did not return for the final season. Added to the cast were Charlie Brady (as "Charlie") and Anthony Harrell (as "Anthony"). With Flip gone, "The P*lace" was now managed by a new character, Dena (played by Dena Burton).

Budget cuts and the expiration of Disney's lease with MGM prompted another hiatus in 1994, after only ten episodes of Season 9 had been filmed. The last episode of this season, which aired on February 9, 1994, proved to be the series finale. By the summer of 1995, when the show was scheduled to resume production, most of the cast members had gotten too old to sustain the Kids Incorporated image. In 1996, the show doesn't continue anymore.

The format of the show would have changed, giving the songs less importance and placing them in breaks in the main storyline action. Some proposed scripts had no songs at all. In addition, the show's filming would have moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada. There was some hype created for the new Kids Incorporated project in Los Angeles and New York, but it never came to fruition. Ana was defenitly the long-runner in 1984-1985 and 1991-1994 because Stacy was a long-runner in 1983-1990.

After its default cancellation, Kids Incorporated continued to be shown and rerun on The Disney Channel until May 30, 1996.


  • Ryan Nikole Parker - Herself (Cameo Kid)
  • Charlie Brady - Charlie
  • Nicole Brown - Nicole
  • Anthony Harrell - Anthony
  • Anastasia Horne - Ana
  • Haylie Johnson - Haylie
  • Dena Burton - Dena


  • Charon Aldredge
  • Ken Arata
  • Brian Friedman
  • Andre Fuentes
  • Danielle Marcus-Janssen
  • Stephanie Gonzales (Jennifer (Cameo Kid))
  • Leslie Grossman (Lauren (Cameo Kid))


  • Boy Next Door
  • Don't Phone Home
  • Secret Admirer
  • One Man Band
  • Writing on the Wall
  • Taking a Stand
  • Face Your Fears
  • Dating Anxiety
  • Teamwork
  • Bullied (February 9, 1994)